Ten-yuan Portraits of Workers and Peasants 1957-12-1

Both sides are gravure printed with offset printing shading. The front is a portrait of workers and peasants in black. The back is the national emblem, multi-color peonies and “People’s Bank of China, ten-yuan” in Chinese, Mongolia, Tibet and Uygur, black tone. With fixed watermark of national emblem pattern. The banknote was issued on December 1, 1957 and printed in the Soviet Union. It was only collectable but not payable starting on April 15, 1964, and ceased circulation on May 15, 1964. Later, due to the conflict between China and the Soviet Union, a large number of counterfeit Soviet-made banknotes were discovered in Xinjiang. The number is preceded by three letters and followed by seven Arabic numerals. Ticket size is 210 × 85 mm (8.27 × 3.35 inches).