China Aerospace Commemorative Banknote 2015

No.: JC04
Commemorative banknote name: China Aerospace
Face value: 100 yuan
Front: Pattern of the rendezvous and docking of the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft and Tiangong-1. On the upper left is the national emblem and the name of the “People’s Bank of China”, and below it is the Dongfanghong-1 satellite image. On the lower left side of the ticket are the face value number “100” and the Chinese character “One Hundred Yuan”. On the right side of the main scene is the image of the Chang’e-1 satellite, and above it are the denomination number “100” and the words “China Space Commemoration”
Reverse: From top to bottom are the Chang’e-1 satellite pattern, the 2020 Chinese Space Station “Tiangong”, the jet airliner, the Fengru 2 biplane propeller aircraft, and the bird Haidongqing pattern. The upper left corner of the ticket is a partial pattern of a kite, and the upper right corner is the denomination number “100”. Below the face of the note are the president’s seal and the year number “2015”, the Chinese pinyin letters of the People’s Bank of China and the words “People’s Bank of China” in the four ethnic languages of Mongolian, Tibetan, Uighur and Zhuang and the denomination, the denomination number “100”, the Chinese pinyin letters “YUAN”
Dimensions: 155×77mm
Material: banknotes
Quantity of full set of banknotes: 1
Circulation: 300,000,000
Release date: November 26, 2015