China High Speed Rail Commemorative Coin 2018

No.: JB99

Commemorative coin name: China High Speed Rail

Obverse: National emblem, with the name “People’s Republic of China” on the top and the year number “2018” on the bottom.

Back: “Fuxing Hao” EMU, with Dashengguan Yangtze River Bridge, Beijing South Railway Station, the text “Fuxing Hao·China High-speed Railway” in the background, mountains, terraces, desert, etc. The face value “10 Yuan” is printed above the main scene.

Face value: 10 yuan
Diameter: 27mm
Material: The outer ring of the coin is made of yellow copper alloy, and the inner core is made of nickel-strip composite white copper material with unique machine-readable properties.
Number of pieces per set: 1
Release time: 2018-9-3
Circulation: 200,000,000