24th Winter Olympics Commemorative Banknote , Snow Sports 2021

No.: JC06-2
Commemorative banknote name: 24th Winter Olympics
Face value: 20 yuan
Obverse: The theme of the snow sports commemorative banknote on the obverse is the pattern of a freestyle skier. The top is the national emblem and the name of the “People’s Bank of China”. The right side is the emblem of the 24th Winter Olympics, the denomination number “20” and the Chinese character “Twenty-yuan”. ”, below are dynamic holographic patterns, Braille denomination markings and crown numbers.
Reverse: The theme on the back of the snow sports commemorative banknote is the “Snow Ruyi” pattern of the competition venue of the 24th Winter Olympics. The top is the Chinese pinyin of “People’s Bank of China” and “People’s Bank of China” in the four ethnic languages of Mongolian, Tibetan, Uighur and Zhuang. ” and the denomination, “Commemoration of the 24th Winter Olympics”, the year number “2022” and the president’s seal. On the left are the denomination number “20” and the Chinese Pinyin letter “YUAN”. The lower part is the glorious light-changing snowflake pattern, The pattern of the Great Wall of Snow Mountain and the denomination number “20”.
Dimensions: 145×70mm
Material: banknotes
Quantity of full set of banknotes: 2
Circulation: 200,000,000
Release date: December 21, 2021