Commemorative banknotes for the 70th anniversary of the issuance of RMB 2018

Obverse: tree rings and representative partial patterns of the first to fifth sets of RMB. On the upper left is the national emblem and the name of the “People’s Bank of China”, and below it are the words “The 70th Anniversary of the Issuance of RMB” and “1948-2018”. On the lower left side of the ticket is the face value number “50”, and on the upper right side is the face value number “50” and the Chinese character “Fifty-Yuan”.

2019 Luna New Year Year of the Pig commemorative coins

Front: “People’s Bank of China”, the words “10 yuan”, the Chinese pinyin letters “SHIYUAN” and the year number “2019”, with a floral pattern lining the background. Back: The main scene is a piglet that combines traditional Chinese paper-cutting art with decorative New Year picture elements. Above it are palace lanterns and pomegranate flowers. The word “Jihai” is printed on the left side of the coin.