World Cultural and Natural Heritage—Wuyi Mountain Commemorative Coin 2020

No.: JB105

Commemorative coin name: World Cultural and Natural Heritage—Wuyi Mountain

Obverse: The national emblem of the People’s Republic of China, with the country name “People’s Republic of China” printed above the national emblem, and the decorative Wuyi Mountain pattern and the year number “2020” printed below

Back: Wuyi Mountain’s Jade Girl Peak, Jiuqu Stream, Golden-spotted Swallowtail, tea leaves, bamboo rafts, Wuyi Jingshe, stone carvings, etc. The words “World Cultural and Natural Heritage—Wuyi Mountain” are printed below the main scene.

Face value: 5 yuan
Diameter: 30 mm (square with rounded corners, diameter of circumscribed circle is 30 mm)
Material: brass alloy
Number of pieces per set: 1
Release time: 2020-12-21
Circulation: 120,000,000