24th Winter Olympics Ice Sports Commemorative Coin 2021

No.: JB108-1

Commemorative coin name: 24th Winter Olympics-Ice Sports

Obverse: The main scenery on the obverse is the emblem of the 24th Winter Olympic Games, supplemented by patterned Beijing Winter Olympics competition venues, the Great Wall, snow mountains and other elements. The name of the country “People’s Republic of China” is printed on the top of the coin, and the year number is printed on the bottom. 2022″ words.

Back: The main scene pattern is the image of a short track speed skater, the background is a combination of abstract lines and other elements, and the words “The 24th Winter Olympics” and the face value are printed.

Face value: 5 yuan
Diameter: 30mm
Material: brass alloy
Number of pieces per set: 2
Release time: 2021-10-26
Circulation: 200,000,000